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Alliance Investment Group acquires residential and commercial properties that we can add to our rental portfolio. We also purchase distressed properties that we update, hold, or sell to the retail market. 

Business Acquisitions

We purchase service-based companies that have a value-add component based around real estate. There are several sectors that we look for buy out opportunities – landscaping, pest control, industrial cleaning services, garage door installation, and more. The goal is to make the exit of the existing owner as easy as possible so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor during retirement. One strategy that we love is when the current owner wants to stay on part-time and slowly retire, this gives both sides multiple advantages. 

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infinite returns

Here's an example of a recent purchase we made. A few reasons we bought this deal:

1) The price point and square footage was in the strike zone for a large pool of buyers

2) Short production time = reno was not complicated

3) Large spread between purchase price & retail price

4) We knew we could purchase with ZERO of our own capital in the deal

5) WIN-WIN-WIN for us, seller, and investor - The only way we will do business


Our ROI = Infinite! We didn’t put any of our own capital in the deal..

Investor ROI = 15% *We have 4 more going with this investor - Important*

Why is this important, because the investor can’t find another (97% passive) vehicle to place his capital in for this type of return with anyone he TRUST. The ONLY TIME the investor spends on these deals, is a phone call! That’s it! We make it easy!


Closed the deal on the sell side - We have more coming to market just like this one. If we would have stopped buying just because the market shift, our opportunity cost = Infinite Return!


We don’t let anyone or the news dictate how we operate our companies, we are very capable to make our OWN decisions! Get in the game, sitting on the sidelines is a recipe to take a LOSS

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