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Unlock Your Home's Potential: Enhance, Repair, and Increase Value

As we see a shift in the market because of higher interest rates and consumer uncertainty, more people seem to be focused on home improvements. We formed Alliance Property Maintenance to provide repair and renovation services to our investor clients whose properties we manage as well as the customer base we serve through our other companies like Steger's Complete Landscaping.

We also offer these services to anyone within the market who has a need. As an example, here are some of the projects APM has completed in the last couple of weeks:

✅ Hardwood flooring installed throughout a home being prepped for sale.

✅ Emergency plumbing and drywall repairs after an unforeseen leak.

✅ Rebuilt/replaced a rotted deck on the back of a home.

✅ Replacement of ceiling fans and light fixtures.

✅ Structural repairs to an older home with damaged piers.

✅ Water heater replacement after a leak was discovered.

✅ Complete renovations, including kitchen cabinets, counter tops, flooring, and painting.

✅ Landscape lighting and irrigation repairs at a commercial site.

Let us give you some guidance on how you can use the equity in your home to make improvements and increase its value while limiting your out-of-pocket expense!

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