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Christmas Cheer Across Alliance Brands: A Year of Success and Anticipation for Growth

It certainly feels like Christmas around all of the Alliance brands! Here are some exciting things happening as we try to wind down this final week before the holiday...

Alliance Landscape Services: Steger's Complete Landscaping just finished revamping the landscaping, bedding, and irrigation at Starbucks 5 Points. Contracts have just been signed for the installation of a new convenience store and car wash. We are also taking over the maintenance of a growing company that has added multiple sites in 2022 and is also building another new facility in 2023. As they build, we build!

Alliance Property Maintenance: Coming to the rescue of several homeowners, we resolved some emergency situations including a plumbing leak and drywall repair. Now we begin the installation of hardwood flooring for another residential client.

Alliance Investment Group: As we wind down 2022, we are closing on the sale of a townhouse flip, purchasing a single family home to be added to our rental portfolio, and listing a single family reno that has just been completed in Darlington. Our team is also finalizing the extensive transformation of another flip that will be hitting the market in January. We can proudly say that this year our investor partners have enjoyed a return of over 30%! And we are just getting started!

Alliance Real Estate Group: Two new vacant rentals providing lease opportunities have been added while signing a management agreement to provide housing to a group of traveling nurses.

Alliance Home Team: This week before Christmas includes two closings as well as two new listings hitting the market. The "wait until after the new year" mentality gets thrown out the window when you have rock star agents who can get results!

NONE of these things would be possible if we did not have the right teams in place! We are humbly thankful to lock arms with some of the sharpest and most laser-focused people in the industry! While 2022 has been a fun ride, we started working on 2023 in Q3 with acquisitions that have us aligned for major growth. This is where true growth happens...forming Alliances with companies doing the things you want to be doing! We only do business if it creates WIN-WIN outcomes. The Alliance Companies have ramped up with a full pipeline going into the new year, so stay tuned❗🚀

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