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Deal Day: Generating Rapid Returns in a Shifting Market

**Deal Day**!! Base hit! They add up FAST!

We close on a base hit this morning! We still buying and the deals are getting better and better! Get ready, it’s TIME to move fast and put your capital to WORK!

Let’s see if you agree that the market is and have shifted in our favor as buyers.. I’ll break down the deal below.

Ask us any questions you may have, we have several more we are looking at:

PP = Purchase Price =$37,890 to close the deal

Type of investment = We will buy/hold this deal, mobile home already renovated and rent ready.

Rent = $875/mo conservative (don’t want to be highest in town)

Debt = 0 (Full cash deal, but we will Re-fi later to pull all cash back out) - we will then own the asset for FREE, none of our own capital in the deal!

Expenses = 28% (We have several properties exactly like this one, our avg. expenses across the asset class is ~25-30%)

Current Market value of this property = 72k

Equity day ONE = 72k-37,890 = $34,110 created out of thin air and the best part about the deal, it’s RENT READY!

Return on capital = 875x12mo = $10,500x28% = $2,940 = $7,560/yr cash flow

Now take the $7,560/$37,890 = 19.9% ROI

Who would like to make 20% return on their capital!? Especially in a market where the news CLAIMS the ceiling is falling..! 🤚🤚🤚

This is just one example of the smaller deals we do, CONNECT with US to get more insightful information as we ride this market cycle together!

Pulling for YOU 👊

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