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That Feeling to Make One Call

Have you ever felt like you are acting as a ”ping pong” ball? You have to call 8 different service companies just to be let down sometimes and then you have to start ALL OVER, OR everyone is too “busy” to come out and spend time with you to see how they can help?

In real estate there are more times than not you need multiple services once you buy OR before you sell!

Example: You need to sell your home, but in order to maximize it’s value to a retail buyer your home needs a little TLC. You call 4 different companies for a quote, some show up, some don’t, some give you the “I don’t want to do this job” price, and some never even send a quote.

We can eliminate this pain point for you with Alliance Property Maintenance! We have capacity to renovate your home on a small scale to a large scale. We can service or repair your A/C unit, your plumbing, your windows, your hot water heater, whatever stresses you out! We can help!

You want an appraisal so that you know your ARV (After Repair Value)? We can help you with that at our Alliance Appraisal Group division! We have licensed residential appraiser on staff

Once we help you get your home ready to hit the market… We can then list it on the market for you with our team of realtors at Alliance Home Team EXP! 👊

Oh… if you need new landscaping to make your home look awesome before you list it OR after you buy your new home 🤔 WE can help YOU! With Alliance Landscape Services D.B.A Steger’s Complete Landscaping! After you buy, we can also service your property on a yearly maintenance schedule. We offer a huge array of residential and commercial services with this company! We have a very experienced TEAM on irrigation and landscape maintenance.

We have multiple team members that have been with the company for 10+ years! 😲

Did you just inherit a home or rental portfolio that you are too busy to take on..?? We can buy that home or portfolio from you at a fair cash value, we make this SUPER EASY for YOU! We will pay ALL closing cost and any fees in order for you to keep MORE cash in your pocket! 😉

🔥🔥 This is one of our favorites!! We have an acquisitions team at Alliance Investment Group where we are meeting with and discussing buy outs with company owners of service based companies that revolve around real estate! YES, we can buy your company AND structure the deal in a non-traditional transaction where YOU keep more money for your retirement years!! 🔥🔥

If you want to stay on and operate the company, but want a flexible schedule where you can travel and spend more time with family, we can structure that in the deal as well! Let’s talk anytime if you are looking to exit and retire! 👊

We are here for YOU! Our passion is helping others figure out a solution for all of their pain points. We are ONE CALL away! 🤝

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